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November 21, 2022

Kurdish solidarity collective condemns Turkish bombardments of Kobane

On the 20 November 2022, the Turkish regime began its aerial bombardment of civilian targets including schools and hospitals in and around Kobane. Villages targeted include Beluniye in Shaba, South West of Kobane, which is now populated by Kurds who were displaced in Afrin.

The Kurdish Solidarity Collective expresses its outrage at the indiscriminate killing of civilians and the bombardment of critical infrastructure in Iraq and Rojava. These bombardments are part of Turkey’s ongoing violation of international law, which includes the use of banned chemical weapons.

The Kurdish movements have explicitly denied any involvement in the Istanbul attack. It is clear the    latest military onslaught is part of Erdogen’s cynical attempt to divert attention from his failed policies and the collapse of the Turkish economy. With his popularity at its lowest, Erdogan’s AKP and his MHP allies have resorted to their usual dirty tricks campaigns to falsely accuse  without evidence.

In this latest attack; 11 civilians including a journalist, 2 security guards at a grain silo in Abo Racin and 1 member of the SDF was martyred. In Kobane 3 civilians were killed and a hospital was bombed. In addition 15 soldiers of the Damascus government was killed. 

We call upon the UN, EU and all international allies  of the Kurdish people to denounce the ongoing attacks on the Kurdish people.

Kurdish solidarity collective (21/11/2022)